"You're the real deal. It's so nice to meet someone under 60 who's the real deal." 

- Bob Franke 


"Finnegan has a stiletto sense of humor, can’t resist a devious pun or double entendre and sings in a dramatic yet nuanced soprano, drawing on a theatrical background that dates back to her childhood...Can you think of another artist who’s this eclectic, haunting and hilarious, all at the same time?" 

New York Music Daily


"Honor Finnegan's clever songs, powerful voice, and endearing stage presence have made her standout on the fertile NYC folk scene. Don't miss her!"

- John Platt, "Sunday Breakfast," WFUV, New York


"I am honored to be compared to Honor Finnegan! I LOVE her!" 

- Christine Lavin


"It looks like you are doing everything right. Continued success!"

- John Gorka


"TOTALLY ENJOYED Honor Finnegan. WOW. One great song after the other. Engaging, entertaining, unique, excellent. "

- Julie Gold