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Singer/ukulele player Honor Finnegan self-effacingly calls herself “the Susan Boyle of quirky indie folk, only hotter.” Vast understatement on both counts. Finnegan has a stiletto sense of humor, can’t resist a devious pun or double entendre and sings in a dramatic yet nuanced soprano, drawing on a theatrical background that dates back to her childhood....Finnegan may be best known for her irrepressible wit, but her strongest material may be the dark stuff and this ("Swimming") is a prime example...Can you think of another artist who’s this eclectic, haunting and hilarious, all at the same time?


The title track, which leads off the 37-minute album, is catchy with Finnegan and her uke talking about size. In this track, and much of the album, she sounds a lot to me like fellow singer/songwriter Christine Lavin. (If you like Chris, you'll probably like Honor.) And, Like Lavin many of her songs are about modern day life things. "Internet Junkie" and "Life is Short" (the latter revealing that "40 is the new 20") plus the closer "Waiting" (about all the lost time waiting for a subway train) are truly 21st century songs. 

"Lyrics that catch you by surprise, a voice that pulls you toward the source then knocks you on your heels with energy, a caramel and salt confection that you can't quite explain and you can't get enough of. "

~ Thomas Boyd, "Rockin Roots" on independent radio



Folk DJ Charts, February 2016 


# 3 Artist


Top solo artist 


#3 album - "Roses and Victory"


Kerrville New Folk Winner


Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 


Formal Showcase Artist NERFA


Formal Showcase Artist SERFA


Folk DJ Charts 2012


#9 album - "The Tiny Life" 




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