"One thing is certain: those who see and hear her encounter a powerful voice combined with a refreshing, offbeat sense of humor...Combined with her prodigious vocal instrument, her recorded and live repertoire packs a unique one-two punch"

~Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live

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 A "tiny lady" sings catchy songs about modern life.

Finnegan is a "modern day" songwriter and, with the exception of the cover of Sam Cooke's " "Wonderful World", she wrote all the songs on the disc. The title track, which leads off the 37-minute album, is catchy with Finnegan and her uke talking about "size". In this track, and much of the album, she sounds a lot to me like fellow singer/songwriter Christine Lavin. (If you like Chris, you'll probably like Honor.) And, Like Lavin many of her songs are about "modern day life" things. "Internet Junkie" and "Life is Short" (the latter revealing that "40 is the new 20") plus the closer "Waiting" (about all the lost time waiting for a subway train) are truly 21st century songs. There are a few slower, and more serious, tracks ("Pictures of Snow", "Little Bird") in the middle of the mix. Finnegan is one of the new breed of female singer/songwriters who use the uke for backing on fun upbeat songs. The one I like most here is the title track, but you can choose your own.

"Lyrics that catch you by surprise, a voice that pulls you toward the source then knocks you on your heels with energy, a caramel and salt confection that you can't quite explain and you can't get enough of. "

~ Thomas Boyd, "Rockin Roots" on independent radio



Folk DJ Charts, February 2016 


# 3 Artist


Top solo artist 


#3 album - "Roses and Victory"


Kerrville New Folk Winner


Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 


Formal Showcase Artist NERFA


Formal Showcase Artist SERFA


Folk DJ Charts 2012


#9 album - "The Tiny Life" 




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