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Roses and Victory is a Winner!

Happy to report that "Roses and Victory" was #3 on the Folk DJ Charts for February! I was the #3 artist, top solo artist, and my song, "The Librarian", the #7 single. Thanks to all the DJs who played me!

Also from the new CD; "Movie Star" made The Alternate Root's top ten songs of the week! Me and Lucinda Williams, that's who! Woo hoo!

Click the link below for the full list!

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Folk DJ Charts, February 2016 


# 3 Artist


Top solo artist 


#3 album - "Roses and Victory"


Kerrville New Folk Winner


Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 


Formal Showcase Artist NERFA


Formal Showcase Artist SERFA


Folk DJ Charts 2012


#9 album - "The Tiny Life" 




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