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New CD, New Website! I'm on the radio!

So, this is my new website. Do you like it? I think it's pretty nifty. It was basically free so that makes it even sweeter. I am getting some nice radio airplay in my second week of a radio promo campaign. Lisa Grey, from Blue River Promotions, says my reports are healthy, which is better than malignant or terminal. I hope people will enjoy listening, cause after all, that's kind of the point. There are transcendent moments in the writing process, and lots of hard work in between, but what's the point if no one hears it? 

I am looking forward to some cool gigs; opening for David Massengill at The Minstrel, a double bill with The YaYas at Garden Stage. Real gigs. Not that I mind opening for the milk steamer at an empty coffeehouse :)

Much gratitude to Jay Mafale who recorded "The Tiny Life" at his studio, The Wind-Up Shop! I couldn't have done it without him, and it sounds good or so I'm told. 

Hope you are enjoying some good music somewhere in good company. I am blown away by all the talented and kind folks that I am meeting along the way. Hugs to all peeps in Folk and beyond! 

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Folk DJ Charts, February 2016 


# 3 Artist


Top solo artist 


#3 album - "Roses and Victory"


Kerrville New Folk Winner


Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 


Formal Showcase Artist NERFA


Formal Showcase Artist SERFA


Folk DJ Charts 2012


#9 album - "The Tiny Life" 




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