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Kerrville New Folk Finalist

I am humbled and beyond pleased to be one of this year's finalists at Kerrville.

Here is a list of all the finalists. Congratulations! Can't wait to soak up the good vibes.

Threadgill Theater (1 to 4 p.m.)

in order of appearance



Ben Bochner (Eugene OR)     

Daniel Makins (San Angelo TX) 

Adrianne Lenker (Andover MN)

Marina (League City TX)

Mark Philpot (Fort Worth TX)  

Allie Farris (Nashville TN)

Andrew Delaney (Dallas TX)



SATURDAY MAY 25 - Set 2 

Arlon Bennett (Northvale NJ)

B. Sterling (Austin TX)

Bethel Steele (Boston MA)            

Tommy Byrd (Austin TX)

Davey O. (Buffalo NY)

Hope Schneir (Camarillo CA) 

Doug Kent (Houston TX)

Ed Romanoff (Brooklyn NY)



Threadgill Theater (1 to 4 p.m.)

in order of appearance


SUNDAY MAY 26 - Set 1 

Ellis (Minneapolis MN)

Honor Finnegan (NY NY)

The Potter's Field (Canton MI)

Julie Jean White (Dallas TX)

Eric Bettencourt (Portland ME)

Karen Dahlstrom (Brooklyn NY)

Lizzy Ross (Chapel Hill NC)

Mary McAdams (Des Moines IA)


SUNDAY MAY 26 - Set 2

Paul Sachs (Manhattan, NY)

Terry Holder (Olympia WA)

Steve Chizmadia (Peekskill NY)

The Sparrowmakers (Austin TX)

Twangtown Paramours (Nashville TN)

Wes Collins (Chapel Hill NC)

Zack Kibodeaux (Kyle TX)

Bill Valenti (Bend OR)


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# 3 Artist


Top solo artist 


#3 album - "Roses and Victory"


Kerrville New Folk Winner


Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 


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#9 album - "The Tiny Life" 




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