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Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist!

I've been selected as an emerging artist this year, and it's totally awesome. Thanks to the judges. It feels like a big leap. Last year was my first time going to Falcon Ridge, playing with my peeps at Tribes Hill and Pirate Camp, and listening to my friends who were emerging. I feel lucky and so happy to be included like Oliver with the Artful Dodger and his band of pick-pockets. Consider yourself one of us! Don't mind if I do.

There are 24 fine artists/acts all together and they include my talented and friendly friends, The YaYas and Gathering Time. Go team!

Should be a fun festival all around if it is anything like last year.

By the way, I had a fabulous time June 2nd at the NERFA one-day conference held in Boston where I got a standing ovation with my set. I know I'm bragging, but it was pretty cool, and such a great opportunity for to be seen and to make connections with presenters and fellow musicians. 

Okay, enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?

Seriously, I hope you are well and keeping up with the ever-changing weather we're having. Who knows what a season is anymore. I'm just glad it's warm.

Love and hugs,


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Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist 


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#9 album - "The Tiny Life" 




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